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ErvinCMS — Content Management System

ErvinCMS is a powerful Content Management Solution that enables users to manage corporate web sites effectively. This product for web content management provides stable functionality, security and promotes cost-effective growth of your Internet project. It also allows you to minimize expenses on site maintenance due to its user-friendly structure and outstanding content management features.

The Web-resource of any company is the tool promoting development of its business, the important element of marketing strategy and communications. Therefore it should reflect the actual information (content) and correspond to the structure, purposes and tasks of the organization. ErvinCMS — website content management system allowing with the minimal expenses of forces and time to support and develop your Internet-project.
Characteristic feature ErvinCMS is simplicity of use. It is not required any special skills and knowledge for the work with the System-skills of work with such appendices as MS Word and MS Excel at a level "the confident user" are quite enough.

Advantages of system ErvinCMS

The market of content management systems is filled up with a great number of offers, but we are not afraid to get lost on their background. Our confidence of success is based on a number of advantages ErvinCMS:

  1. Saves your money. Having purchased it once, you don't have to hire a web designer or web master as the system can be used by almost any employee that is familiar with a computer;
  2. Simplicity of operation. For management of a portal it is not required neither special skills, nor the software. All management is carried out through the convenient, laconic WEB-interface.
  3. Collective management of a site, where you would not be;
  4. Development of a site — at any time it is possible to connect additional modules, not blocking work of a site
  5. Fast redesign of a site — changes of appearance (design), lost-free fillings and stops of a resource
  6. Safety Safety one of the major criteria of an estimation of similar systems. Different security of system against attacks guarantee inviolability of your resource. Also there is a differentiation of a level of access to system. It allows to create groups of users with a different level of access (for example, managers, editors, employees of the company).
  7. The maximal speed — the system is optimized for the maximal speed of work.
  8. The distance — irrespective of where you are to install system owing to the special setup it is possible. And if you want that it was made by our experts - we with pleasure shall execute all your wishes absolutely free of charge, also as well as always we shall spend free of charge necessary service.
  9. Search Engine Optimization, probably to spend as much as possible effectively;
  10. Operative technical support. The service of technical support carries out consultation of users of the given product. All questions of clients are registered and necessarily processed in current 24h.
  11. Independence of the developer. The system extends in initial codes that allows to make completion or the further modernization by own forces.

Contact us

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ErvinCMS E-Commerce

ErvinCMS E-Commerce

ErvinCMS E-Commerce — gives you a tool for e-business, for creating your own effective and manageable online store to promote and distribute goods and services.

Price - $6650